Why use the Anti-odor functional/ Cooling/heat-tech technology

1. Permanent effects without losing any efficacy after wash.
2. Eliminate powder grinding defect
3. Improve the dyeing efficiency.
4. Decrease the dark mark from dyeing.
5. Reduce production costs, time and waste.
6. ECO-Friendly, isolable in water

Benefit for Zinc Oxide



1. Strong moisture absorption function that can discharge sweat and let the sweat spread off faster.
2. Keeping the skin dry and comfortable perpetually.
3. The material is comfortable, soft and easy to wash.

Cool feeling Vest, Hear up t-shirt ,Anti-bacterial underpants

Zinc underpants

Benefit for Zinc Oxide
Temperature Management

Bamboo charcoal fabric

Using the yarns of different materials to make of double-sided weave / the inner of bamboo charcoal to enhance hygroscopic and perspiration, antibacterial deodorizing effect and soft touch, appearance can do different colors of changing, changes the bamboo charcoal of gray monotony feel.
1) Adsorption of volatile organic solvent gas and other harmful chemicals, moisture, regulate humidity, deodorant.
2) Supply of natural minerals.
3) With far infrared radiation of function.
4) Prevent static electricity, electromagnetic barrier.
5)Contains organic cotton, natural cotton, Eco-friendly fiber and other fabrics. Hygroscopic and

perspiration of fabric

COOL and DRY, is a kind of moisture wicking and can protect the skin healthy new functional fiber, it is use first surface of fine groove to cause the capillarity, The sweat of skin surface through wicking, spread, transmission role, rapidly absorbed and diffusion to big area makes quick-drying fabric, while using the property of fiber breathable, discharge the heat of body, keep skin dry. Whether you engage in any sport, put on COOL and DRY, allow you to say goodbye to the heat. Stuffiness, enjoy a cool and comfortable, suitable for sports and leisure clothing.

Cool feeling fabric

1)Cool feeling fiber, with hygroscopic and perspiration, as well as heat and cool of function, add cool energy-saving powder, using its endothermic slow, faster heat dissipation of characteristics, when touched to the skin, depending on environmental conditions which than the general fabric effectively reduce 1 to 2 ℃, or bigger of temperature difference results, so that the wearer can feel cool and comfortable, and Eco-friendly energy-saving demand.
2)Anti ultraviolet ray.
3) High wicking, hygroscopic and perspiration of quick drying effect
4) High thermal diffusivity, comfortably and cool effect.